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Escape the funk of being stuck indoors and bring the outdoors and sunshine into any space with the  - sunset projection lamp. This is exactly what you need to bring a little light into your life and into your space. 

Pick Your Scene

Choose between three types of Lumiour Sunset Lamp that each project different colours and create different atmospheres: Sunset, SunshineRainbow, and Red Sunset  

The Sunset Lamp is perfect for anyone looking to create a calm, good vibes, aesthetically pleasing environment. It's great lighting for photographers to enhance their creative scenes. The Sunset Lamp also be used as a nightlight. 

The Lumiour Sunset Lamp is truly multipurpose and can rotate its head to allow light to be projected in any direction. The further away the lamp is placed from the surface/area you desire the light to be cast on, the more realistic the affect. 

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